Learning is Never Over

Our education plan will incorporate into our athletic branch of LNO Foundation 5 main areas of emphasis that will equip our participants to become LikeNOther. Before each workout or practice our coaches we will spend at least 20-30 minutes implementing a specific segment of our 5 areas of emphasis to our student-athletes.

Our 5 areas of emphasis are:

  • Entrepreneurship

–Business 101

–Internship and externship

  • Community involvement

–Community improvement service projects (age group specific)

“Steel sharpens Steel” (Mentoring program)

  • Financial Literacy

–Personal finance (Savings, retirement, 401k, investments)

–“Buyer vs. Seller” mentality

–Banking Basics

  • Job coaching

–Resume building

–Interview basics and practice

–Job etiquette (dress, communication, promptness)

–Application management

  • Life skills



–Effective communication (verbal/listening)


–Time management

–Conflict resolution

–Ability and willingness to learn

With this educational plan we hope to instill and implement into our student athletes that they are LikeNOther.


LNO Kids

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