LNO Academy


1. Teaches skill development in each season of every sport.

2. Participant/student fee for training will be free from costs.

3. Parent responsibility:

  • Provide the student-athletes with the required practice jersey (EX. LNO long sleeve, t-shirt, basketball, etc.).
  • Ensure that student-athletes are on time and respectful of the coaches time.
  • Pay it forward  (providing for the needs of athletes that are less fortunate).
  • Providing beverage and snacks on a rotational schedule for all student/athletes.
  • Ensure that all student-athletes have medical insurance.
  • Support the organization in community action service events.

4. Participants (youth) responsibility:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Positive communication with others (no foul language or name calling).
  • Respect for coaches, facility, and the game.
  • Respect for parents, teaches, and classmates at school.
  • Maintain good grades within school.
  • No disciplinary actions in school.
  • Participation in community service activities, as needed.
  • Possession of all necessary equipment to participate in the camp (weekly basis).
  • Ensure that all equipment is set-up and taken down before and after practice.
  • Absolutely No sagging (Gentlemen don’t sport the thug look).

5. Coaches responsibility:

  • Respect players and parents.
  • Respect the organization and facility.
  • Submit practice schedules, equipment orders, court time reservation.
  • Be responsible for safety, including first-aid and oversight of children.
  • Making sure the facility meets league standards and team use regulation balls
  •  Ensuring that uniforms meet the set criteria.
  • Be on time!
  • Be knowledgeable of all players skill level and have a love for the game.
  • Create team rules and enforce those rules, as necessary.
  • Create conditioning programs that get players in shape and improve their jumping, running, footwork, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and anaerobic recovery

LNO Kids

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